Unpublished Projects

These are mostly class projects from grad school that were never published. I’m listing them here for my own nostalgia and just in case they’re useful to someone.

A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Acoustic Guitar
Automatically recognizing picking location and a look into natural harmonics and tuning systems.
Eric Battenberg, May 2009
An Interior-Point Newton Algorithm for Non-negative Matrix Factorization
A Netwton step barrier method for non-negative matrix factorization is proposed and applied to audio source separation.
Eric Battenberg, Dec 2008
Parallelizing Audio Feature Extraction Using an Automatically-Partitioned Streaming Dataflow Language
An attempt to use StreamIt for spectral feature extraction.
Eric Battenberg and Mark Murphy, May 2008
Calculating Musical Rhythm Similarity
A method for comparing rhythms using self-similarity.
Eric Battenberg, Dec 2007
Optimizing the Hearing Aid Musical Experience
Parameters of a multi-band compressor are tuned using a user-calibrated subjective parameter space.
Eric Battenberg, May 2007
A New Method for Calculating Music Similarity
Hidden Markov models and spectral fluctuation patterns are used to calculate a distance measure between songs.
Eric Battenberg and Vijay Ullal, Dec 2006
A System for Automatic Cell Segmentation of Bacterial Microscopy Images
Various image processing and computer vision techniques are used to segment individual bacteria cells in a microscope image.
Eric Battenberg and Ilka Bischofs-Pfeifer, Aug 2006
Sparse Signal Representation
Image Compression Using Sparse Bayesian Learning.
Eric Battenberg, Vijay Ullal, and Galen Reeves, May 2006