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. Towards End-to-End Prosody Transfer for Expressive Speech Synthesis with Tacotron. ICML, 2018.

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. Style Tokens: Unsupervised Style Modeling, Control and Transfer in End-to-End Speech Synthesis. ICML, 2018.

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. Uncovering Latent Style Factors for Expressive Speech Synthesis. NIPS ML4Audio Workshop, 2017.

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. Exploring Neural Transducers for End-to-End Speech Recognition. ASRU, 2017.

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. Reducing Bias in Production Speech Models. arXiv, 2017.

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. Deep Speech 2: End-to-End Speech Recognition in English and Mandarin. ICML, 2016.

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. Lasagne: First Release. GitHub, 2015.

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. LibROSA: Audio and Music Signal Analysis in Python. SciPy, 2015.

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. Scalable Multimedia Content Analysis on Parallel Platforms Using Python. TOMCCAP, 2014.

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. Real-Time Musical Applications on an Experimental Operating System for Multi-Core Processors. ICMC, 2011.

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. Advances in the Parallelization of Music and Audio Applications. ICMC, 2010.

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. Optimizing Hearing Aids for Music Listening. ICA, 2007.